MH370 and the Diego Garcia Theory

MH370 and the Diego Garcia Theory

I’m not much big on conspiracy theories, though admittedly, I still have trouble with the Magic Bullet JKF Theory, but I write today about my own self-discovery that seems to have a lot of smoke behind it–the involvement of the USAF Base Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and the still-missing MH370 flight out of Malaysia 10 days ago now.

Last night I found on CNN the actual GPS coordinates for the last two reported locations of the plane: 06˚55′ 15″ N 103˚34′ 43″ E when it made that turn, and then the last known sighting at 2:11 a.m. near Pulau Perak in the Strait of Malacca at 05˚40′ 50″ N 98˚ 56′ 27″ E. After plotting those out on Google Earth I laid down on the bed for a few and then closed my eyes and a name I’d not thought of in years popped into my head: Diego Garcia.

My dad is a retired USAF B-52 pilot. I’ve heard him talk about Diego Garcia before. It’s a B-52 base we have in the south Indian Ocean. If it’s big enough for a B-52, it’d be big enough to land a Boeing 777.  (For the record, he and I have not discussed any of this.)Diego Garcia

What’s most curious about Diego Garcia is that if one continues to draw a straight line from the last two GPS points released publicly, they lead almost straight to the Maldives and/or Diego Garcia, depending on how you look at the map. (See map to the right.) What’s also curious is the number of newspaper stories of people in the Maldives claiming to have seen a “white jumbo jet flying low level from north to south over the island” on the morning in question.

This morning I punched Diego Garcia into Twitter and have kept it going since. There are a lot of people fueling the idea that maybe, just maybe, for whatever reason, MH370 might be intact and on the ground at Diego Garcia AFB.

Diego Garcia is a military base. It’s in the middle of nowhere. If the plane had landed there, it’s not like anyone there would be taking selfies in front of the plane and posting them to Twitter.

It appears Jay Carney, the White House press secretary has “ruled out” that the plane landed at Diego Garcia, but if it had and there was an effort to keep it a secret as has already been done, would he really be free to reveal it?!

The Orwellian World of 2014

I think one of the things that’s driving the hysteria most about MH370 missing is that we’ve all read too many Tom Clancy novels and seen too many Bourne, Bond and Jack Ryan movies to accept that anywhere on this planet our government, the Chinese, the Russians, the British or the Indians, SOMEONE’s military, didn’t have eyes, radar or a satellite fixed on that plane.

If you have The Sum of All Fears, there’s an editor’s voice track of Clancy talking about some of the keener CIA “know it all” aspects of what was going on in Ryan’s life in that 2001 movie and Clancy says, “We just aren’t that good.”  And I keep hearing that in my head as it appears that we might not have had satellite tracking of the plane, but again, George Orwell, Clancy, the whole NSA surveillance thing, Snowden, all that suggests that maybe we really do.

So in March 2014, it just seems like a very hard principle to accept.

Flight Simulator At Home? 

I remember being at Castle AFB in California as a kid and dad training in B-52 simulators. They were HUGE. I wish the media would do a better job of explaining exactly what the pilot had built in his home. I grew up in politics, too, and when we conducted focus groups, we did them scientifically and conducted them in sterile environments. When I moved to Dallas I worked with education officials who said they were conducting focus groups. They put an ad in the paper and asked parents to come in and talk about an issue and then called that a focus group, so I can see how the meaning of the term “simulator” can have very different meanings.  Please, someone, CNN, FOX, AP, please clarify what this really was.

Five Landing Strips Programed Into The Simulator

There are numerous reports per the Twitter feed about Diego Garcia that there were five landing strips programmed into the pilot’s simulator. One of those five was Diego Garcia, a military installation that he’d get severely fined for landing at if he ever did. Unless this was part of something bigger and pre-planned.


I don’t know where MH370 is, but I hope someone finds the plane and soon. The news media have done a number of things to make this an even bigger mess. The Malaysian government has proven they weren’t ready for an international media sensation–though few people ever are. The last known path of that plane points it toward the Maldives and Diego Garcia, but I’m also reminded of Clint Eastwood in Firefox. After he stole the stealthy Russian Mig Firefox, he flew by a USSR airliner to be seen, and then dramatically veered off that course to send chasers in the wrong direction. That very easily could have been done here, too.  We just don’t know. And if that plane really did land at Diego Garcia as part of a CIA or anti-terrorism effort, we likely will never know that either. It’s also hard to believe that our government would start down the path of pulling planes out of the sky and sending them somewhere in the middle of the ocean with living survivors. I just can’t believe we’d start that because there is no logical finish to it.

But you also have to wonder if we need to rethink some things about giving the flight attendants in the back some sort of tool for communicating outside the aircraft if they ever got to the point of where they believed something like this was bad wrong.  I can see why we wouldn’t want to have that back there, too, but think about it.

The whole flying up to 45,000 feet thing has been blown out of proportion, too, provided that the cabin remained pressurized. If it did, most everyone on the plane would have been fine. Now if a door had been somehow opened or a window punctured, half of the fokes in that cabin would have been sucked out.  But again, we just don’t know.

Today we were greeted with news that the Chinese government has “cleared” all their passengers on the plane saying none of them were “terrorists.”  Well that’s comforting, isn’t it?  Again I ask, if the Chinese had found someone on the plane to have terrorist ties, do you really think they’d just freely admit it? The Blackist was on last night. In it, a Japanese prisoner escaped from one of their maximum security prisons. When talking to an FBI agent in New York, Red talks about it and the FBI agent says, “we don’t know anything about it.”  To which Red responds, “Of course you don’t. It’d be an embarrassment to the Japanese to admit they’d let someone escape.” Wouldn’t it be the same thing for the Chinese, or any other government really, to admit such when they didn’t have to?!

What we do know is that a plane and 239 people are missing and have been for 1o days now. They did what most on the planet seem to believe is impossible in 2014–they disappeared without a trace. Perfect fodder for conspiracy theories and some new materials for whomever takes over the genre left behind by Clancy.




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