AT&T Rollover Plan Pisses Me Off

I have two teen daughters who live with their mother who lives in the middle of nowhere and doesn’t have wifi. So when my two daughters’ phones renew each month, they start watching YouTube videos and God knows what else until we start getting warnings from AT&T about how they’re going to charge me $15 for every gig they go over on our plan. And trust me, I’m paying out the ass on how much I pay for a lot of data each month.AT&T Rollover Data is a farce

Used to be I could use the Parental Limits portion of my plan to throttle their data consumption. But that was working to well and AT&T wasn’t making rip off money hand over fist, so they deleted it. One of their sales guys told me it was getting too hard for them to manage. Bullshit.  They’re the freaking technology company. Don’t tell me in this day and age they can’t make something like that work and work well.

Now, the way AT&T works, you can either just turn data off or on for a phone on your plan.

And I’ve had to up the data on the plan so that I can actually have data when I move around town or the country and NEED it. I can’t limit my daughter’s phones so that when they get to X level, their phones stop.

And so now, AT&T is going to, out of the kindness of their hearts, start rolling over any data we have left at the end of a month.

Well, if we ever have any left, that will be a nice thing. And since it won’t ever happen, well, then it’s meaningless to me. Other than serving as an aggravation to the fact that too freaking much of my money goes to AT&T each month. It’s enough to make me gag and want throw up every time the cellular and the home account bills are due. UVerse, Internet for the home, and cellular phones.  It’s disgusting and AT&T isn’t doing anything but racking in money I don’t have and now they’re just making me angry.


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