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A&E Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Sidelining To Backfire #StandWithPhil

A&E Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Sidelining Makes No Sense

If you’re a fan of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and upset about the A&E network decision to pull him from the show after his comments in GQ, just stop for a minute and consider what you’re doing.

I do not watch this show, my three daughters do, and our U-Verse DVR tends to be full from all the recordings, but I’ve seen a number of people who are protesting A&E’s decision by either canceling the network with their cable company or blocking it with parental controls. And while that’s understandable, it’s going to be twisted in the end to send a message that’s only going to make you more angry. That message? “We at A&E are canceling Duck Dynasty because it was obvious so many others were offended by what Phil Robertson said.”

And you and I know that’d be BS, but it’s kinda like the old saying of don’t pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.

On the other hand the sad part is the A&E money changers are going to ramp up profits from the controversy.


1) Don’t block the programming. If fact, you should keep watching the show as you did before.

2) Use your social media — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to post pics of you and your family watching the show, expressing your continued support for the show, and tell A&E you want Phil Robertson back.  Twitter now has a hashtag #StandWithPhil that is being widely used.

3) Call A&E and write their offices and tell them you want Robertson back on the show: 235 E 45th St New York, NY, 10017 United States (212) 210-1400.

In everything you do, print, text, or post, remember to express your support for Phil Robertson and the show.

A&E made a very strange decision to alienate the majority of their viewing audience with this move only to placate a smaller audience that isn’t watching them anyways. A&E was worried about what that smaller demographic could do to their bottom line.

And now it’s time to show them what happens when they further attack the values system that created our country and one networks like theirs continue to espouse as okay or normal.  I really think they underestimated who was watching this show. The people who watch it are fiercely spiritual. I’ve known of situations in the South where down-the-street-from-another churches were competing with which one would host the cast on visits.

In the very principle of what Mr. Robertson said, if you let this go and become acceptable, the next time it happens, you’ll be less aware of it, less conscious of it and the sin will have advanced another step.

And that’s all he really said to begin with.

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My Daughter Chandler–Coming of Age the Past Few Weeks

My Daughter Chandler–Coming of Age the Past Few Weeks

Since the week before Thanksgiving 2013, my daughter Chandler has done a lot of growing up and I want to tell you, and her, how proud I am of her.

We’ve been thru two “big” ice storms now, overcome some geographical obstacles, and dealt with situations that have made some things she probably already knew all the more clear.

I won’t go into a lot of the details, but I’m proud of my daughter and the way she has handled the adversity of the past few weeks. She’s had some important deadlines and projects due and has handled them with poise. She’s stayed up into the night to get her work done and been up first thing the next morning to trudge forward.

She’s had someone in her life make it clear that when the going gets tough, not to lean because there’s little or nothing there. That’s a hard lesson to learn at any age, but it’s become more and more clear.

So here’s a pic from us in our hotel room this morning. I was told yesterday we probably were making that whole bit up. You just can’t fight stupid sometimes, but maybe a picture … ah, never mind.

I’m proud of you, Chandler. Keep it up.  You’re making Dad proud.


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Goodbye 47

Goodbye 47

I’m running out of time.

That is, if I want to get this posted before midnight which by the calendar, but not by actual time, marks my 48th birthday.

Compared to the last four years, this has been the best, by far and for multiple reasons. And yet with each ticking of the clock as we dip round the clock on the right side to head to the top on the left, so many thoughts and conflicts fill my head.

On Being 47 in 2013 

It’s been a good year, for the most part. The work we’ve been doing on Claxton Creative with books for iPad and books in EPUB format have increased in production and sales. No, not where I should have hoped they would be, but this is still such a new field of opportunity, and for pioneers, things like this do take time to grow into something.

Through God‘s hand this past year, the tumblers of time fell into order and I found the woman who I knew as Julie Nelson as a young teen boy after 32 years. Because I made contact with her, I’ve also made contact with some of my best friends from 7-9th grade who I was forced to leave behind at the beginning of my sophomore year of high school because of my Dad being in the USAF. Like so many times before then and even after, my brothers and sister were compelled to pull up stakes and move clear across the country from what was familiar and start the planting of roots all over once again. As a child, it was hard to constantly be uprooted from your friends, and harder as I got older to want to make friends, knowing eventually that they’d be ripped away once again and barriers of miles would be put in between.

Recently in the ice with Julie

Recently in the ice with Julie

In Julie’s case, she didn’t have any feelings for me in our teen years, though I thought she was the definition of what beautiful is supposed to look like. And after 32 years, it’s easy to say she still is. Getting to know her again, and really for the first time in many ways, has been one of the best aspects of the year.

Life with my daughters, Chandler, Reagan and Haley has been good this year.

Obviously, trying to get a new company in a new field up and running has been a constant struggle, drain and challenge. Some run around thinking I’m flush with cash, but they’ve not had a clue about anything having to do with reality for a very long, long time.  No, ever.

Monday I felt like I was on the losing end of a never-ending battle and my friend from The Dallas Morning News, columnist James Ragland encouraged me to keep fighting. “Hang in there,” he wrote. “You’re a trooper.”

Life at 47

There are so many things going on in my life right now that I’d not planned to be dealing with at age 47, 48.  I won’t go into them here, but I’m reminded of the old saying, “Wanna make God laugh? Tell him your plans.”

I’ve been trying to make my way through Job again in the Bible. He was a man who had most everything he could want and then God allowed Satan to take it away to see if Job’s faith would wane and he would curse God. In my four-year journey now along the path Job once was subjected to, I know I’ve not done as well as he. Not anywhere near, and not even close at others.

And as the day comes to its close, I can’t help but wonder how many more nights like these I shall ponder.

Riding For The Brand

On a plane ride from Denver to Tulsa recently, I met a man who calls himself a professional provoker. We had an extra long time to talk with each other on the flight and a ground delay and he gave me two books to read. One of them is called, Riding For The Brand, by Jim Whitt. His second book is a workbook. We had a good chat today. Jim’s books are about helping people find their purpose in life and then being able to help them solely focus on doing just that. I’ve been doing some of the exercises in his material and we’re working in that direction.

My daily prayer to God for as long as I can remember has been to “give me the opportunity to have a positive influence on as many people as possible.” And through a decade in the Alabama Governor‘s Office with two governors, six years in the Dallas school district as their communications director, time working with ExxonMobil on math and science programs for high school students, and now, making interactive books for the iPad, I feel like I’ve been doing that. But with Jim’s help, we’re going to be working on how to refine that purpose and make it even more crystalline.

Turning the Page

They say when one door closes, another one opens. So as we near Dec. 6, 2013, I close the door on age 47 and invite 48 into my life. It’s time to continue to refine who I am. It’s time to lean harder than before on God and to become more and more active in his Word. And it’s time to further focus on my purpose in life and do only that until my Lord takes my last breath from me and calls me home.

I’m thankful God allowed some of my childhood friends back into my life this year. It’s made a tremendous difference in my spirit and attitude, as well as bringing a lot of healing and closure from wondering at night while trying to drift off to sleep wondering what ever happened to Danny Kasper, Rod Jefferson, the Sanchez brothers, Julie, Diana, Derek and more.

It’s icing over here in DFW, more so than the ice storm we had a few weeks ago at Thanksgiving. I sure do miss my days in Upper Michigan as a younger kid. Ugh.

Here we go, 48. Let’s figure this out as much as possible before 49 gets here….

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How John Ed Mathison And God Redefined My Possible

John Ed Mathison–How God Redefined My Possible

Just a few days past Thanksgiving in 2012, I was in Montgomery, Alabama visiting my mom when I went and met with long-time United Methodist Preacher John Ed Mathison about a book he’d written and was contemplating turning into a book for iPad. The title–When God Redefines The Possible–was only available in printed form and is a compilation of some great stories that John Ed has been telling for a few years.

But what I didn’t realize going into that project was how much God was going to redefine MY possible, and I have to tell you, it’s an amazing story.

John Ed Mathison--Inspirational Leadership

John Ed Mathison–Inspirational Leadership

How God Redefined My Possible

John Ed gave me a copy of his book to read and sent me on my way. In late December/Early January I’d read through it and figured out how we could make it into a fun, interactive project, complete with 23 videos. In mid-February, we spent some time at his old church in Montgomery, Frazer United Methodist, and shot the videos with one of my old compatriots, Stacey Rimer Stakely and their video master, Matt Gamble. The next two months was a time of productivity and editing to get the book ready for sale on iTunes, Amazon and the Barnes & Noble websites.

But here’s the thing–Every time I worked on John Ed’s book, God started doing more and more and more to redefine my possible.  It was an amazing process and up until it began to happen, I had noted, even in this place, that it had felt like at times I was Job and God had unleashed the Evil One on me to see if my faith would waiver.

Honestly, I didn’t handle those days and times as purely as Job. I questioned my faith, even questioned God’s existence and didn’t much darken the doors of my church. You see, since June of 2009, much of my life, my family, job, house, car, finances, just about everything one would consider as a standard in modern-day life, had been ripped away from me either from the greed, evil, jealousy, or whatever of others. It was the worst time of my life and has changed me significantly.

But I held to my faith, though it felt like at times the only heat from it I was living on was the equivalent of holding a match in one’s hand in the darkness of a cave miles underground. There was little light, little to to be optimistic about. And in the midst of that time, I had a heart attack–at 45.

The 2013 Redefinition

So this Thanksgiving, I sit writing and sharing this story. I’ve been on something of an emotional journey this past week and each day have been contemplating how to reshare with each of you the beauty and power of John Ed’s book. This morning I awoke and began composing this blog post. And as I have been writing here this morning, I just received the first text I’ve received from John Ed in about two months. It simply reads: “Donny, I thank God for you!!”  It came at 8:21 a.m. on a Thanksgiving morning. John Ed knows thousands of people around the world and yet God found it on his heart to send me and who knows how many others a special message.

But isn’t that how God works, too?  We may not feel like God is there with us. We may think God has forgotten us.  We may feel like God SHOULD forget about us at times. But he is always there, and always in reach.

This year has been a good growth year for my company, Claxton Creative. We’ve done some great book for iPad work and some more projects are lining up. No, I’ve not been restored to where I was when the crisis of 2009 began to take away nearly everything in my life, but I have a new birth of freedom and love in my life and a renewed passion for God.

Are there still things I want to improve upon? Certainly, but I have been able to change the makeup of the type of people in my life and it has all been for the positive. It is making a difference in who I am, who they are and most importantly, our walks with God.

So this Thanksgiving Day 2013, I want to encourage you to check out John Ed’s book for iPad, Kindle or Nook.  This work has made all the difference in my life the past 365 days and I challenge you to download it and read it. The book has video messages from John Ed about the power of God. It has puzzles and study questions you can use to study God’s word. And it has the power to redefine your possible. And that, I have found, is what our God is truly all about.


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Facebook Privacy Settings Take Another Step Toward Super Scary

Facebook Privacy Settings Take Another Step Toward Super Scary

I awoke this morning and fired up the Mac to see what was new in the world. That of course led me to Facebook to see who had commented on anything I’ve posted in the past day or so and I couldn’t help but notice a HUGE change in the CHAT settings. Now, it was showing me, not just an icon of a friend being on a phone signifying they were mobile, and of course, there’s the countdown as to when they were last active on FB, but now, in big, green, bold letters were the words MOBILE and WEB.

Facebook now shows users if friends are on FB via a Web browser or Mobile. Do we really need to know that?

Facebook now shows users if friends are on FB via a Web browser or Mobile. Do we really need to know that?

Now, I suppose in the mind of a programming engineer, it’s probably cool to be able to now discern and share with Facebook users everywhere the fact that I’m either logged into the platform via my computer and a Web browser or my iPhone or iPad (oh, wait, it just still says Mobile, I think I just gave someone in Palo Alto a new idea), but DO I REALLY NEED TO KNOW THIS?!

For that matter, does anyone?

I mean, sure, I could understand that I might want to know if one of my daughters was logged in on a Web browser and active on Facebook and it’s the middle of the school day and she should be in school, but for Close Friends, a level I have set up, and even for not very close friends, I can see the same level of information and they can see that about me, too.  I’m sure, at least I’d hope, there’s a way to turn this off, but I really don’t have the time to go looking for it nor do I have the desire. And I shouldn’t have to, really, be in an opt out situation on something like this.

A Woman In Montgomery

I was in Montgomery a few weeks ago and joined Mom for some pizza at our favorite pizza place in town–Corsino’s.  During our dinner, a woman from across the room came across to talk to the couple at the table behind us. In her chat with them, she talked about how dangerous Facebook is, because just the slightest posting and crooks can tell if you’re home or not, plus “It just leads to too much gossip and ego bragging.” So then what did she do? Yeah, she started talking about the $2,000 dogs she and hubs had out in the car and about her kids, and about….  It is good to be away from all that….

But going back to the crooks point.

This latest development is troubling to me. I’m sure in a week or two I’ll have forgotten it and accepted it as a part of life in this digital age. It just seems for now that this is too much information to be generally shared.  I know, yes, with many types of software on Websites, who is hitting a site, from where, with what, where they went, how long they were there … all that and more can be tracked, and is for marketing purposes by techies worldwide.

My question is, do we really need it on Facebook, too? This really is taking a step toward super scary, particularly if there’s not a way to simply turn this off so no one can see it, and most Facebook users probably never will.

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Veterans Day 2013: Thanks Dad, Mom and Families

Veterans Day 2013: Thanks Dad, Mom and Families

USAA, the military insurance company, has sort of backed into the theme of this post, almost by accident it seems, but in part because what they’re saying is true. When they have a dependent talk about “mine having been earned” through the service of another, they’re really onto something there I think most Americans tend to forget.

Lt. Col. Bernard D. Claxton, USAF-Retired

Lt. Col. Bernard D. Claxton, USAF-Retired

It’s Veterans Day 2013 and this is my annual tribute to the service and sacrifice my father, Lt. Col. Bernard D. Claxton, USAF-Retired, gave to our country from April 1968 until some time in 1993. In that span of time, the US Air Force, and particularly the Strategic Air Command, moved us from one corner of the country to the next, and then back, and then to another corner and back, and then….

Dad flew T-38s in training in Laredo, then progressed to B-52s at Castle Air Force Base, the 644th Bomb Squadron at KI Sawyer AFB and over in Southeast Asia, including Anderson AFB on Guam and Utapoa, Thailand. He also flew in the 20th Special Operations Squadron in Hueys in Nam in an elite helicopter group.

I didn’t know it until much later in life, but we almost lost dad on Huey a mission in Nam in December 1971. Tragically, one of his crew members didn’t make it that day and it’s something our family is mindful of more and more every December now that we kids know more and more about what happened. You see, in a military family, the war stories almost NEVER get told voluntarily and only upon inquiry do you get any sort of details.

But my appreciation for Dad’s dedication to our country makes me proud to this day. The Star Spangled Banner is one of those tunes that stirs a passion in me I cannot describe and I never clap at the end of it. Protocol actually says you’re not supposed to, and for me, hearing the tune runs deep to my core.

Spouses and Dependents

But here today I also want to pay tribute to whom we seldom hear about on Veterans Day and that’s the spouses of soldiers and their dependents.

In the movie The Right Stuff, Trudy and a couple of the other test pilot wives are talking in the living room at Edwards AFB in California while discussing “Keeping an even strain” and one of them says, “The Air Force owes me for this. I expect them to make good” on the sacrifices she and the kids have made.

Sadly, it seems that seldom ever happens. I mean, yes, I treasure the life I had as an Air Force brat, but it was hard on us, too.

We sacrificed a steady home life. In Michigan, Dad was on alert crews and gone for a week at a time, ready to get the Go Code and go. Mom raised five of us, not by herself, but there were times when it was by herself because of alert and TDYs to SEA.

We traveled from one base housing to the next. If you’ve never seen base housing, even for officers, it’s not the best of digs. It’s a couple rooms, a kitchen, a bath or two. The housing area in Northern Michigan I’ve long heard it said was designed by an architectural firm in Florida.  What does that tell you? At KI we had an average of about 200 inches of snow a year. How much snow do they get in Florida?

My mom, Cindy Claxton, was able to earn her nursing degree when the five of us got old enough to be more self-sufficient. She did 20 years herself thereafter working in the VA Hospital in Montgomery. In that time, she worked mostly nights working to provide healthcare to those who had been of military service to America. That’s a great feat for a mom of five kids and one that goes largely unsung.

In my 48 years of life, I’ve lived in about 35 different homes and housing units. Most military. I’ve got good friends who I have been able to reconnect with via the miracle of Facebook who for years I’ve wondered about and missed. It’s been hard to be getting uprooted all the time. How many others do you know who went to at least five elementary schools, one middle school and two high schools?

When I was at Auburn my freshman year, I was in doing a newspaper interview with President James Martin. As I was packing up to leave afterward he said, “You’re a military kid, aren’t you?” I checked the length of my jeans (No, I wasn’t “Flooding”), looked for anything on my shirt that might give it away, and said, “Yes, how’d you know?”  His reply: “I don’t get many freshman in here asking me about the budget.”

So it has helped me in my confidence. I have no problem getting to know or meet anyone. I’ve been practicing that every few months for most of my life. But I also long for the stability that my peers had when they were civilians and we would pass in and back out of their lives time and again.

I’m proud of the service to our country offered by my dad, but encourage you this Veteran’s Day to also seek out and thank the spouses and dependents who also “served” with them. Sometimes we didn’t go voluntarily–drafted by birth, as it were. But we are a part of what has made this country great and special as well. And we’re some of the ones who tear up at the sound of the national anthem in remembrance of the sacrifices that have been made on more levels than one.

Thank you Vets, service members, spouses and dependents all….

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Some people already have Christmas trees up?!

Some people already have Christmas trees up?!

Yes, Virginia and everyone else, I already have put up a Christmas tree in my house. Actually, there’s one fully decorated, a Charlie Brown tree on the dining room table (I’ve dedicated the Charlie Brown tree to Claire Fassler-Tiffany, a friend from 7-9th grade in California who has objected to a tree being up already), one in a bedroom and one out on the porch about to be decorated. We’re still contemplating thoughts of a real one, too.

I figured, “Why not?!” this year. Though it does feel early, with a flocked tree, (for some reason I’ve walked around the past couple decades thinking the word was “Frocked”) the living room looks seasonally beautiful. Though admittedly, until I get the animated Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Mickey Clau

s plugged in and in place and some garland here and there and stockings up, it looks like a Christmas Nightmare at the moment.

So what’s the harm?

I have started making a daily Facebook cover for Thanksgiving with the two Pilgrims. Today the expressions on their faces changed along with the addition of a few trees in the background. Tomorrow, I’ll do something else.

I’m trying to do things slowly and early to get the most out of the season. To me, the decorating and enjoyment of the decorations, fueled with Percy Faith‘s Christmas Is… album make the holiday season extra special and we have gone without much of the fanfare since leaving the house and the ex behind.

This is rebuilding for us. New traditions, experimentation, and just plain ole peace and quiet.

The holidays don’t have to be a time of high anxiety. They’re meant to be times of peace and joy and happiness. Too much of that got lost previously and I never could understand why they caused so much angst.

So here’s today’s FB cover. (Click the link) If you’d like to download and add it to your wall or share with friends, you’re more than welcome to. (The initial imagery of the pilgrim figures, turkey, pumpkin and leaves are from a Photoshop art page, but the design and layout are mine.)

Some people already have trees up?

Some people already have trees up?

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Thanksgiving 2013 – What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving 2013 – What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving 2013 FB cover

So we’re counting down to Thanksgiving 2013.

And I ask, what are you thankful for this year?

So much has changed in my world the past few years. There is much to be thankful for, and many things I should like to leave in the past.

But there are some FANTASTIC things that have come about in 2013.

My life has been enriched with new friendships, and rekindled friendships from years ago. Friends from my youth in Atwater, CA have come back into my life thanks to the miracle of Facebook. It’s been so enriching to reconnect with childhood friends who were left behind due to our family moving from CA to Montgomery, AL in 1981.

Derek Kubacki, Rod Jefferson, Danny Kasper were all good friends when I was 12-15. Christi Haas and Kristy Nunes were in class with me on our second time to live in California in 1972 during the end of the our first grade year. I’ve had some great conversations with them this year. That’s enabled so much healing.

John Ed Mathison and his book, “When God Redefines The Possible” had a tremendous impact on me as a person, the Claxton Creative book for iPad business, and the lives of my children.

Then there was the Learning Forward project “Standards for Professional Learning.” A book for iPad we made designed to positively impact educators around the world.

And then I’ve been able to see my daughters, Chandler, Reagan and Haley mature even more into beautiful young women. Leaders, each of them, I’m so very thankful and proud.

There’s so much more to share and talk about, but I want to open this space for you, too.

So tell me about what you’re thankful for this year….


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When Do You As A Parent Defend Your Student Worker From A Jackass?

When Do You As A Parent Defend Your Student Worker From A Jackass?

My eldest daughter, 16, took the initiative this January and went out and got herself a job. She wanted more freedom to have her own money to spend. She had plans for buying a car. She had high expectations and soon realized that being a student worker isn’t easy. Yet she endured through the spring work of her sophomore year and into the summer when she took some dual credit courses here in town.  They were harder than high school and that was an important lesson for her as well.

But as the 2012-13 school year wound down and the summer courses in college kicked in, management at her job changed and it soon became apparent, more than the normal complaints anyone would have about working in fast food, that the new manager had it out for her.

Trying to let her be 16 and maturing into a young adult, I bit my tongue and let things to continue to ride.

I heard complaints about how the manager was doing this, how he was contradicting himself, how he was picking on her, how he was saying she wasn’t greeting people as they came through the lines, etc. I’d been in the restaurant a couple of times and observed her working. She was never holding the walls up but was always active stocking and restocking the food bar and when there were people in line, she’d help get them the extra fish, or shrimp or whatever they were requesting/complaining about, and usually with something of a smile.

So this progressed. Then she wanted to take a week off for her finals because the college work was hard. Another weekend she wanted to take a Friday off because of the Warped Tour concert that she’s gone to each year for the past three. Another weekend, she wrote a note to the manager and let him know that she wasn’t going to be able to work the following weekend because I was to be out of town on business and she wouldn’t have a way to get to and from.

After that, and with ridicule then, he stopped putting her on the schedule.  Two weeks ago now, after being left off the schedule twice again, and having decided that she wanted to concentrate on the new school year, my daughter took in a resignation letter. The same manager who had been showing his ass to her all summer long decided he needed one last hurrah and ridiculed her once again saying that he had been in honors this and that when he was in school, had worked nearly a full-time part-time position and still made high grades. It wasn’t necessary.  It wasn’t good management on his part, and if he was all that great, he wouldn’t be working at that restaurant, he’d be running Apple or something.

Today, I finally went looking on the corporate site and wrote them a letter about how disappointed I was in their manager’s poor decisions. No, it’s not his job to be teaching high school students the ropes of life by holding their hands through their first jobs, but he didn’t have to be a jackass about it either.

When it is your child being picked on by an adult, when is the right time to finally step in and put a stop to the bullshit? Texas is a right to work state so technically, management can fire anyone for any reason at any time.  But when a 16-year-old employee brings you a letter letting you know they’re quitting to focus on school, you don’t tell them you fired them two weeks ago, without calling them or giving them anything in writing, because “it was their job” to let you know that even though they had only asked for one week off, you decided it was their responsibility to tell them you could work once again the next week.

Depending on how the human resources department replies to my letter, this hopefully will be the last post about this. But as much of a jackass as this ass has been to my daughter, something tells me they’re going to need a negative PR campaign waged against them before it’s all over. Not what I want to do, but when you’re messing with my daughter and her future, well, we’re going to have issues.


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Calorie Counting At McDonald’s–Yikes, I Can’t Eat This…

Calorie Counting At McDonald’s–Yikes, I Can’t Eat This…

My nutritionist, Dr. Carol Ireton-Jones of Professional Nutritions Therapists here in Dallas wants me to eat less than 1,800 calories a day.  If I can do that, and believe me, I seldom do, I will lose weight. If I eat more than that, I will continue my losing battle.

The McDonalds Unhappy Meal

The McDonalds Unhappy Meal–I can’t eat this stuff!

I’m in a rush this morning. Need to get some work done in preparation for a client meeting at 9:30 a.m. (so why am I doing this, right?) Well, I rushed out and begrudgingly went to my local McDonald’s.  (Quite amazingly, they didn’t have cars wrapped totally around the building, so I did the drive thru.  I usually go in, pick a car as I walk past and happily spy that car still waiting to place an order before I come back out, but not today. Service quality at McDonald’s has dropped significantly since they added that coffee crap to the menu.)

So as I’m sitting in the drive thru contemplating what I thought I might really want–lots of stress, so let’s carb out!–maybe even TWO orders of hotcakes and sausage.  But then I saw the stark reality.  ONE order is 1,200 calories.  Just 600 shy of what I’m supposed to eat ALL day!

I thought maybe the steak bagel, that has protein with the steak and will keep me going cos I don’t know when I’ll eat lunch. Uh, 810 calories. Two sausage burritos, hash browns and a drink, 760 or so…. And then finally, #2, sausage McMuffin with egg and we were down to 610.  Deal.

I say all this, and then I need to get back to work, but do you realize how hard it is to eat what little your body needs by eating at fast food restaurants like McDonald’s?  Those calorie numbers on the menu are helpful when I see them. Many/most places I go don’t have them at all. I’m a big guy, too big, and if I could get down to 1,500 calories a day I’d start to disappear and be much happier. One thing is for certain if I can ever get to that point, places like McDonald’s, even with the calorie counts on the menu, are going to have to come off the list of places to go….

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