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Problems with #TheBlacklist-Lizzie’s Search of Jolene’s ‘Apartment’

Problems with The Blacklist-Lizzie’s Search of Jolene’s ‘Apartment’

Tom Clancy once paraphrased about four or five others when he said on Larry King, “The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense.”Liz Apartment2

After watching Monday night’s The Blacklist – Ivan twice now, I can come up with almost two dozen problems with Liz Keen and her search of Jolene’s apartment in the Monday, March 24, 2013 episode, IVAN.

Lizzie has gotten Arum to find out where Jolene’s last cell call originated from. It’s an address in DC and she goes there. Before she goes in, she calls her hubs, Tom, who is inside the “apartment,” which is not the same place Cowboy searched two weeks ago and found all of her spare IDs and such, but really, as some commenters have called it, “Tom’s Lair.” 

So here are the problems with this one scene:

1) Liz didn’t call for backup before going into the place. Not DC Metro PD, not the FBI. I keep hearing the guy in “In The Line Of Fire” who kept asking Clint Eastwood, “Why didn’t you endeavor to know more?”

2) She interfered with a DC Metro Police missing person’s case by entering into the place.

3) Why would she call her hubs, Tom, a fourth-grade teacher before entering the place? The only reason that makes sense is that she wants someone to know where she is and she still, at that point, trusts him.

4) Why is this fourth grade teacher never at school teaching? For an FBI agent, you think she’d have been to visit him at school by now or something, wouldn’t you?

5) Where did she get keys that would work on his door? Is it standard issue for FBI agents to have a master key of some sort or is this some sort of throw back to her self-proclaimed expertise of criminal activity when she was younger?

6) She didn’t call Ressler or any of the others back at the Post Office before entering a dangerous situation.  Ever heard of backup?

7) There’s a car parked right in the middle of the place. It looks like the tarp on it hasn’t moved since before Tom transported bodies in it. Wouldn’t there be traces of Cowboy blood in the trunk?

8) Tom’s fingerprints have to be all over that place. Would DC Metro not have taken a few of them off the car, the guns, the computers, the door knobs….

9) Wouldn’t one of the first things any law enforcement officer would have done, maybe DC Metro, is find out who owns or is leasing the “apartment?”

10) Okay, so there is at least one sniper rifle and several hand guns in the place. Once they had seen all that hardware, wouldn’t DC Metro have called in the Bureau or ATF?

11) Wouldn’t there have been some fallout for Liz going into a place without a warrant?  Of course, the assumption remains that they’re in Jolene’s place, not Tom’s, but you’d think….

12) What’s the likelihood that all of the photos Tom attempted to burn would have indeed done that completely and beyond recognition?

13) Tom not also burning the doll Liz gave him along with the pictures was a big gaffe on his part.

14) Shouldn’t Liz have let the bossman know about Jolene Parker? I know she has trust issues with him over the Judge issue, but still, protocol would seemingly have required it.

That’s fourteen. I’ll probably come up with more, but that took me about eight minutes to type out just those few problems with this one scene.

It was a great show Monday and I read somewhere that the producers say the most important thing about the show wasn’t what Liz learned about Tom, but what Tom has learned about Liz.  I saw some analysis was done on the photos of the wall Tom had created. I’ve not looked back.  Maybe later. I have actual work to do today so…..



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MH370 and the Diego Garcia Theory

MH370 and the Diego Garcia Theory

I’m not much big on conspiracy theories, though admittedly, I still have trouble with the Magic Bullet JKF Theory, but I write today about my own self-discovery that seems to have a lot of smoke behind it–the involvement of the USAF Base Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and the still-missing MH370 flight out of Malaysia 10 days ago now.

Last night I found on CNN the actual GPS coordinates for the last two reported locations of the plane: 06˚55′ 15″ N 103˚34′ 43″ E when it made that turn, and then the last known sighting at 2:11 a.m. near Pulau Perak in the Strait of Malacca at 05˚40′ 50″ N 98˚ 56′ 27″ E. After plotting those out on Google Earth I laid down on the bed for a few and then closed my eyes and a name I’d not thought of in years popped into my head: Diego Garcia.

My dad is a retired USAF B-52 pilot. I’ve heard him talk about Diego Garcia before. It’s a B-52 base we have in the south Indian Ocean. If it’s big enough for a B-52, it’d be big enough to land a Boeing 777.  (For the record, he and I have not discussed any of this.)Diego Garcia

What’s most curious about Diego Garcia is that if one continues to draw a straight line from the last two GPS points released publicly, they lead almost straight to the Maldives and/or Diego Garcia, depending on how you look at the map. (See map to the right.) What’s also curious is the number of newspaper stories of people in the Maldives claiming to have seen a “white jumbo jet flying low level from north to south over the island” on the morning in question.

This morning I punched Diego Garcia into Twitter and have kept it going since. There are a lot of people fueling the idea that maybe, just maybe, for whatever reason, MH370 might be intact and on the ground at Diego Garcia AFB.

Diego Garcia is a military base. It’s in the middle of nowhere. If the plane had landed there, it’s not like anyone there would be taking selfies in front of the plane and posting them to Twitter.

It appears Jay Carney, the White House press secretary has “ruled out” that the plane landed at Diego Garcia, but if it had and there was an effort to keep it a secret as has already been done, would he really be free to reveal it?!

The Orwellian World of 2014

I think one of the things that’s driving the hysteria most about MH370 missing is that we’ve all read too many Tom Clancy novels and seen too many Bourne, Bond and Jack Ryan movies to accept that anywhere on this planet our government, the Chinese, the Russians, the British or the Indians, SOMEONE’s military, didn’t have eyes, radar or a satellite fixed on that plane.

If you have The Sum of All Fears, there’s an editor’s voice track of Clancy talking about some of the keener CIA “know it all” aspects of what was going on in Ryan’s life in that 2001 movie and Clancy says, “We just aren’t that good.”  And I keep hearing that in my head as it appears that we might not have had satellite tracking of the plane, but again, George Orwell, Clancy, the whole NSA surveillance thing, Snowden, all that suggests that maybe we really do.

So in March 2014, it just seems like a very hard principle to accept.

Flight Simulator At Home? 

I remember being at Castle AFB in California as a kid and dad training in B-52 simulators. They were HUGE. I wish the media would do a better job of explaining exactly what the pilot had built in his home. I grew up in politics, too, and when we conducted focus groups, we did them scientifically and conducted them in sterile environments. When I moved to Dallas I worked with education officials who said they were conducting focus groups. They put an ad in the paper and asked parents to come in and talk about an issue and then called that a focus group, so I can see how the meaning of the term “simulator” can have very different meanings.  Please, someone, CNN, FOX, AP, please clarify what this really was.

Five Landing Strips Programed Into The Simulator

There are numerous reports per the Twitter feed about Diego Garcia that there were five landing strips programmed into the pilot’s simulator. One of those five was Diego Garcia, a military installation that he’d get severely fined for landing at if he ever did. Unless this was part of something bigger and pre-planned.


I don’t know where MH370 is, but I hope someone finds the plane and soon. The news media have done a number of things to make this an even bigger mess. The Malaysian government has proven they weren’t ready for an international media sensation–though few people ever are. The last known path of that plane points it toward the Maldives and Diego Garcia, but I’m also reminded of Clint Eastwood in Firefox. After he stole the stealthy Russian Mig Firefox, he flew by a USSR airliner to be seen, and then dramatically veered off that course to send chasers in the wrong direction. That very easily could have been done here, too.  We just don’t know. And if that plane really did land at Diego Garcia as part of a CIA or anti-terrorism effort, we likely will never know that either. It’s also hard to believe that our government would start down the path of pulling planes out of the sky and sending them somewhere in the middle of the ocean with living survivors. I just can’t believe we’d start that because there is no logical finish to it.

But you also have to wonder if we need to rethink some things about giving the flight attendants in the back some sort of tool for communicating outside the aircraft if they ever got to the point of where they believed something like this was bad wrong.  I can see why we wouldn’t want to have that back there, too, but think about it.

The whole flying up to 45,000 feet thing has been blown out of proportion, too, provided that the cabin remained pressurized. If it did, most everyone on the plane would have been fine. Now if a door had been somehow opened or a window punctured, half of the fokes in that cabin would have been sucked out.  But again, we just don’t know.

Today we were greeted with news that the Chinese government has “cleared” all their passengers on the plane saying none of them were “terrorists.”  Well that’s comforting, isn’t it?  Again I ask, if the Chinese had found someone on the plane to have terrorist ties, do you really think they’d just freely admit it? The Blackist was on last night. In it, a Japanese prisoner escaped from one of their maximum security prisons. When talking to an FBI agent in New York, Red talks about it and the FBI agent says, “we don’t know anything about it.”  To which Red responds, “Of course you don’t. It’d be an embarrassment to the Japanese to admit they’d let someone escape.” Wouldn’t it be the same thing for the Chinese, or any other government really, to admit such when they didn’t have to?!

What we do know is that a plane and 239 people are missing and have been for 1o days now. They did what most on the planet seem to believe is impossible in 2014–they disappeared without a trace. Perfect fodder for conspiracy theories and some new materials for whomever takes over the genre left behind by Clancy.




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Ukraine, Where is Jack Ryan When We Need Him?

Viktor Yanukovych, the president of Ukraine si...

Viktor Yanukovych, the president of Ukraine since 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ukraine, Where is Jack Ryan When We Need Him? 

With all the hubbub going on in the international news media about the events in Ukraine, I somehow have this feeling deep in my heart that somewhere in this world there’s a Jack Ryan type running around going “WAIT A MINUTE! YOU’VE GOT TO LISTEN TO ME!”

I keep pretty good tabs on the news and the whole thing where the former Ukrainian president fled just seemed to explode out of nowhere the past few weeks. Then came video and virtual tours of the ornate presidential palaces. Then came supposed movements by Russian troops into Crimea. Then came responses from the US that this was a violation of international law. There have been talk of economic sanctions. Now there are even stories about how ExxonMobil would be very negatively effected by sanctions because of massive plans they have to drill in Siberia. Russia is threatening that if sanctions are put in place, US assets will be seized. Today there a more talks about kicking Russia out of an alliance of European nations, and more.

It all very much sounds like the beginning of a Tom Clancy movie. And maybe I’ve seen too many of them, but it also sounds like there should be a Clancy character, an analyst for the CIA, running around the halls at Langley saying, “Something’s just not right.”

I went to breakfast this morning and talked to a woman I’ve known for about four years now who still is very much from Ukraine. She says she has nothing left back in that country now except two friends. Family is gone. She loves her old country, but says brain drain has been going on there for many years now, along with corruption. “The people left there now are trash,” she said. I think she was referring more to supposed leaders, either legitimate ones or not–and I think right now it sounds like more of them are not legitimate than are.

And it sounds like corruption is a big, operative word there. Makes me nervous about why we’re about to drop ONE BILLION US dollars there if there’s such rampant corruption.

It’s no secret that we’re mad at Putin and would like to do nothing but give him a big middle finger–think of Edward Snowden as a primary reason. But again, there seems to be something missing here.

For years I’d thought that the people of Ukraine didn’t like Russians. To that my friend said with heavy accent, “We are same blood. We have Russian blood.” She then told me one of her parents moved to Ukraine from Russia with “just suitcase.”

Yesterday CNN ran a piece from a former Kremlin officer entitled Why Putin’s Move Is No Surprise. And I’ve wondered since all this began what we would do if a Mexican state just south of the US border were to have such an uprising. (Most likely this president would do nothing, but consider there was a threat of that pandaemonium falling over into the streets of the US.) Wouldn’t we want a beefed up presence of authority in the area to keep the peace?  How is that any different than Putin activating troops in the area to keep things peaceful? The CNN trolls had fun with that post, but I have to admit, from that perspective, it’s completely different than what we’re saying here in the West.

The video over the past few weeks show the lavish palaces that were built for the Ukrainian president. CNN kept calling them “his home.” My Ukrainian friend said, “American TV,” and rolled her eyes. “Those palaces belonged to the state. Not the president.” And it made me wonder then if somehow we had a horrific overthrow of the US government and all of a sudden we all could take more extended tours of the White House with it’s fancy technology rooms and spy stuff. Would European media portray what they found here the same way American TV news did of the Ukrainian palaces? I don’t know the answer to that. The Ukrainian palaces sure seemed a lot nicer than the White House, but consider the point, not the technicalities of it. (Needless to say, I’m not advocating for such to happen here in America in case anyone wants to try and twist that.)

I keep reading the news accounts from multiple venues several times a day because I honestly don’t feel like we have been told the whole story about what happened in Ukraine or that we ever really will. We know historically to not trust the Russians. But we also have an ever-lengthening list of times this president hasn’t been honest with us either.

Like the face of Putin, always stoic and ever ready for a game of poker, there’s more going on in this story than we know about right now. And the question to ponder as more and more information and twists come along is will we ever really know the truth?

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A&E Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Sidelining To Backfire #StandWithPhil

A&E Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson Sidelining Makes No Sense

If you’re a fan of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and upset about the A&E network decision to pull him from the show after his comments in GQ, just stop for a minute and consider what you’re doing.

I do not watch this show, my three daughters do, and our U-Verse DVR tends to be full from all the recordings, but I’ve seen a number of people who are protesting A&E’s decision by either canceling the network with their cable company or blocking it with parental controls. And while that’s understandable, it’s going to be twisted in the end to send a message that’s only going to make you more angry. That message? “We at A&E are canceling Duck Dynasty because it was obvious so many others were offended by what Phil Robertson said.”

And you and I know that’d be BS, but it’s kinda like the old saying of don’t pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.

On the other hand the sad part is the A&E money changers are going to ramp up profits from the controversy.


1) Don’t block the programming. If fact, you should keep watching the show as you did before.

2) Use your social media — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, to post pics of you and your family watching the show, expressing your continued support for the show, and tell A&E you want Phil Robertson back.  Twitter now has a hashtag #StandWithPhil that is being widely used.

3) Call A&E and write their offices and tell them you want Robertson back on the show: 235 E 45th St New York, NY, 10017 United States (212) 210-1400.

In everything you do, print, text, or post, remember to express your support for Phil Robertson and the show.

A&E made a very strange decision to alienate the majority of their viewing audience with this move only to placate a smaller audience that isn’t watching them anyways. A&E was worried about what that smaller demographic could do to their bottom line.

And now it’s time to show them what happens when they further attack the values system that created our country and one networks like theirs continue to espouse as okay or normal.  I really think they underestimated who was watching this show. The people who watch it are fiercely spiritual. I’ve known of situations in the South where down-the-street-from-another churches were competing with which one would host the cast on visits.

In the very principle of what Mr. Robertson said, if you let this go and become acceptable, the next time it happens, you’ll be less aware of it, less conscious of it and the sin will have advanced another step.

And that’s all he really said to begin with.

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Mad Men Season 6 Finale

Mad Men season 6 Finale

In the Season 6 Mad Men Finale, Pete Campbell receives word that his mom has fallen overboard at sea and presumed lost.

In the Season 6 Mad Men Finale, Pete Campbell receives word that his mom has fallen overboard at sea and presumed lost.

I saw last night that one writer at the New York Daily News was talking about how Peggy Olson spent Thanksgiving working late at the office. What he missed was the fact that she wasn’t in her office, she was now working out of Don Draper‘s Office.

  • Peggy Olson, dressed practically as a present, is one that people like to unwrap, but no one wants to keep.
  • “I’m leaving my wife for you.”  How many times has that line been used and worked in the history of mankind? And how seldom it actually ever happens.
  • Don Draper has been kicked out of the firm that he saved. Kinda know that feeling, but alas, there’s a silver lining here. The Chevrolet car they’re bringing to market bombs and it’s a firm stocked with Duck Phillips talent that will help sink that rock to the bottom of the ocean with Mrs. Campbell.
  • Manolo allegedly married Mrs. Campbell, presumably for all her money. Then he helped her fall overboard, if you believe Pete Campbell’s suspicions.  What a surprise he will have to find she has nothing.
  • Bob set Pete Campbell up, in another form of transportation, mind you, to kill off Pete’s career at Sterling Cooper & Partners, by getting him to drive when we all knew that Pete, after trying to get it on with that high school girl, never really learned how to drive. So Campbells have died now in a plane, at sea and a career, in a car. (I almost expected A Day In The Life by The Beatles to start playing, but that’s not how the show works.)
  • Pete’s line, “This is 1968″ saying that things like murder on the high seas can’t still be happening. Have we always thought that way about the time in which we live and that only by looking back in time we realize how primitive things were at any particular time compared to the present, of which we will do all over again in a matter of a few years?
  • Pete left SC&P, too, if you didn’t catch that. Bob thinks he’s won there, but like Manolo, is going to find this Chevy account is a downer. (At least for that model of car!!)
  • Trudy seemed happy that Pete was finally “free.”  Free of his mom, free of the agency he’d become miserable at. Free to go to California and start a new. And she was now free to move on without him, which she’d probably been hoping for.
  • It will be interesting to see if they completely write Pete Campbell off into the sunset since next year is the final season and we know where he went–even with a reference to the Beverly Hillbillies.
  • Megan will go to California and not look back. Never a good thing for a second wife to talk about your biological kids.
  • Don said it perfectly when he told her “I don’t want to be here anymore.” It spoke volumes, kinda like how in Mad Men through the years they’ve foleyed over audio that almost sounds like a gunshot when a door slams.
  • I’m not going to miss the oversized eyeballs of Ted.
  • And what of Don Draper? Time it will tell, but I found it ironic that last week Betty was encouraging Sally to go ahead and smoke in front of her on the way back home while they were talking and then seemed mortified and  upset that she’s also taken up drinking. Hello!?! Really?
  • I didn’t think the conversation between Don and Betty was going to go well with Megan. She has long felt like she was living out on an island in the ocean. Now she sees there’s still some underground cables running through the ocean’s waters and the connection is quite clear at the Francis house.

My assumption was that Sally was going to spill the beans to Megan about what she’d seen her dad up to. But with Megan walking out anyways on her own, well, Don skates again.

And then while we’re back on Don, someone had said it’d been funny for the African American kid sitting out in front of the old whore house to have been eating a Hershey’s bar instead of that bright red popsicle. Yeah, but that would have been too hard to see and way too predictable.

  • So it became clear, Don Draper is pretty much done at SC&P.  So is Pete Campbell. I’ve not read Dante’s Inferno, but it’d seem like both of those characters have gone through a series of nine hells–13 if you count episodes–this season and they’ve been given a chance at a new life, one away from the messes that they have helped create, and in turn, have become bigger than they were able to cope with.

Mad Men has had a way of getting us to like/tolerate two characters who in real life, we should not. Both have committed countless atrocities in the lives of those around them. But don’t we all to one degree or another?

Season 7, the final, will certainly be an interesting 12 weeks of TV. I don’t see us all watching a helicopter take off and Don flying off into the sunset. In fact, I’ve had suspicions that he winds up literally being the person to fall out of the SC&P windows like the opening bumper has been teasing us with all this time.  The other trick coming back is how with each season, we’ve pretty much never really picked up from exactly where we left off, so one has to assume we’re going to be in the heart of 1969, well after Christmas, and getting ready for a moon landing. Ah, the conspiracy theorists can run with this storyline–Don Draper meets a NASA executive in a bar and they say they need some help convincing the American public that we actually landed on the moon….

In all seriousness, many have described Season 6 as “boring.” It’s had it’s slow points, but we all have to remember, so does life. There are good days, bad days and those can be followed by either more good ones or bad ones. And that is what shall happen in Season 7.


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HIMYM Mother Revelation Anti-Climactic? Only if you read Yahoo!

HIMYM Mother Revelation Anti-Climactic?

I started writing this based on the Yahoo! review and the YouTube video of the revelation of the Mother on CBS’s long-running show, How I Met Your Mother.

How I met your mother

How I met your mother

After watching the actual show, I think the show was just where it needed to be, wound with the threads and twists that have made it fun to watch for so very long. But kids, let me tell you about what I was thinking from reading this review from Yahoo!


Much of my life has changed as Ted‘s (Josh Radner) has stayed the same over the past seven/eight years of the How I Met Your Mother saga on CBS.  I’ve finalized a divorce and then found someone, gotten married, found out what I should have long before I got involved, had my life ripped apart, my heart broken (literally with a heart attack supported by both marriages) and now I find myself on level footing for what likely is the first time in my life. And here we still have “Ted being Ted,” but after Monday night’s season finale, we now know who “Mother” is going to be through the revelation of the YELLOW umbrella, the boots, the train ticket purchase, etc. It’s all coming together and frankly, I’m maybe wishing I didn’t know.

And let’s be honest here. The writers at HIMYM had a lot to overcome when they revealed her.  After all, we’ve been treated to the joys of Drumroll please, clearly one of the best romance episodes ever made for TV in 23 minutes or less, to the reintroduction of Victoria and then her passing from the show and Ted’s life once and for all.

Finally introducing Mom was/is a tall act to follow and I guess I’m just wishing there had been more to it.


Yes, still much of my life has changed, but so has Ted’s. He’s done a lot of growing up in the past seven or eight years and his decision to flee New York after fixing up his house and coming to the conclusion that “she” isn’t in New York, but maybe Chicago, is spot on Ted. With the agony he anticipates feeling seeing Robin married to Barney, (that’s still weird to watch knowing Barney’s real life sexual orientation), Ted thinks it will be too hard to be around it all. Trust me, I’ve been in that situation before. It’s not a fun place.

But kids, let’s get back to last night’s show.

Each person in the show is headed in a new direction; one they don’t realize. Yeah, I know. That’s how life is. We make a plan, we think we’re going to live it out and then something happens that dramatically alters every plan we had. Makes you wonder if Robin and Barney really are going to get married. I believe there was an episode last year that says they didn’t.  Or did they?

We now know that Lilly thinks she’s moving to Italy though won’t entirely be surprised when she’s not. Marshall thought he was going to Italy but is now going to be a judge. Ted thinks he’s headed to Chicago and the girl “with cute boots that we can share cos they’ll fit me” is buying a train ticket to Farhampton.

In reading the Yahoo! version and then watching the clip, I was sad to see that we finally have an answer to the question that’s been there for so very long. After watching the show, well, there was a certain magic in how she was revealed because the set up of the discussion between Ted and Lilly, who always has been so good at pulling “do you like him/her or not” out of people.  It wasn’t a Drum roll moment, no, but it still was enough to say, “next season, we’re going to finally get a lot of answers and no matter how many we get, we’re still going to be hanging on wishing there was going to be more.”



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Mad Men Season 6 Apostrophe Lesson–It’s the ’60s not 60’s

Mad Men Season 6 Apostrophe Lesson–It’s the ’60s not 60’s

Mad Men

Mad Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mad Men starts in just a few short hours and already I’m about to SCREAM about one of my biggest punctuation pet peeves–the use of the apostrophe in referencing the time period of the show, the 1960s.  Notice I didn’t write the 1960’s.

You know why? ‘Cos it’s a plural.  There’s no possessive going on there.

The same thing goes for saying it’s a show about the ‘60s.  Notice where the apostrophe goes–in FRONT of the 60, not between 60 and the S.


If you were going to say that Mad Men was a show about Advertising Agencies, you wouldn’t write Agency’s, now would you?

So then why in the HELL do you insist on putting an apostrophe at the end of ’60s?

If you were writing about Don Draper‘s actions, then you’d use it.

If you were talking about the women he’s consumed you wouldn’t write women’s, right?

So why on earth do you continue to punish the ’60s with one?

If you’re going to write about the 1960s, or the ’60s, please do it right.

And while we’re at it, if you work in an advertising firm would you please inform your copy writers that housing section prices don’t start in the $200,000’s.  They start in the $200,000s or whatever price point your client dictates. Just get the apostrophe right.  Please. You’re driving me crazy’s. (Sic)

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I’m A ‘Man On Fire’ For The New Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Album ‘Here’

I’ve made it no secret. I may be one of the oldest fans of Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros and sadly, I am behind the curve of the release of their new album “Here,” but after hearing just a few songs, I’m clearly “A Man On Fire” for more.

My daughter, Chandler, and I discovered this band by accident at a Gillette event in Austin in 2010.  We didn’t get in to see them that night, but I got back to Dallas, downloaded their debut album and me and my daughters would have worn down the groves by now if we still had records.

Now comes new material, and I’ve got to admit, I’ve only heard three or four songs so far. It’s really time to jump over to iTunes and pull down the rest.

Man On Fire, (the video is the first below) just sounds like a song that’s bound to close out an episode of a movie or a CBS Hawaii Five-O or CSI episode that’s stoked emotions throughout out and as it’s ending, the hero of the show has overcome the danger of the episode and is ready for the next challenges in life, satisfied that what’s been accomplished in this episode, has been resolved and the beauty and happiness of life that falls in between our crises, is now to be shared with friends, colleagues and family.

And the video for the song will really just make you smile because it’s about people expressing themselves in very amazing ways–through dance.

I’ll download the rest of the album, and do more reviews. Did you know some of the most frequent traffic to this site is because of Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros?  That makes me smile.

Oh, and here’s a picture of me and Alex in Shreveport, LA back in 2010. The band is going to be in Austin on Nov. 4, but tickets are $75 a piece for all day, the band is the last to play and there’s no way right now I can afford $300 to take Chandler, Reagan and Haley to see our band.  Crap.

DaddyClaxton & Alex from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Shreveport, LA, 2010.

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The Intel App: Infographic What About Me?

I just stumbled upon this interesting What About Me? app designed by Intel.  It takes my Twitter stream and Facebook posts and turns all that information into an analytical infographic.  And great marketing for Intel, they put their logo at the bottom to do a little extra branding.

So, it was an interesting read, at least for me, of what I post, when I post and who I seem to be talking with the most, most seemingly over FB, and not so much Twitter. (I ran it a second time and added my YouTube feed, but it made no difference whatsoever.)

So here it is.  Enjoy.


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