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What’s the true lesson we can gather as humans over the loss of MH 370 out of Malaysia? While conspiracy theorists no doubt will continue to search for a happy ending, an ending that at least will make their own internal fears subside, the message to the rest of us is simple and one we […]

MH370 and the Diego Garcia Theory I’m not much big on conspiracy theories, though admittedly, I still have trouble with the Magic Bullet JKF Theory, but I write today about my own self-discovery that seems to have a lot of smoke behind it–the involvement of the USAF Base Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and […]

Ukraine, Where is Jack Ryan When We Need Him?  With all the hubbub going on in the international news media about the events in Ukraine, I somehow have this feeling deep in my heart that somewhere in this world there’s a Jack Ryan type running around going “WAIT A MINUTE! YOU’VE GOT TO LISTEN TO […]

Living in The Shadows of Disasters–From A Texas Coffee Shop The week of April 15, 2013 will long burn in the  psyche of the American fabric as a week of living in the shadows of disasters. It’s Thursday, finally, and so many horrific events have happened in the past week here in North Texas and […]

You can say you read it here first, but if the election results of the 2012 presidential election come out as vastly different from what the majority of polls predict this year as I suspect they are, the election polling accuracy, or more to the point, inaccuracy, may very well force the major networks to […]

I didn’t sleep well last night.  I was mad at Mitt Romney. Over and over, as I tossed and turned as much, I was yelling at Mitt Romney, like I was at the TV last night during the debate–“HIT HIM!”  “YOUR POLICIES HAVE ALLOWED 30,000 WOMEN AND CHILDREN IN SYRIA TO DIE! BOATS UNDERWATER ARE […]

UPDATE: Well, it didn’t take long.  CNN is reporting tonight that after three interviews with “not trying to capitalize on someone’s situation Dr. Phil” has helped Williams decide to go into rehab.  The story largely talks about more of what I was worried about before.  The guy is going to have a rough time.  Is […]

Oil company BP is looking for a victory.  Well, I’ll give them one. They get the award for making the most asinine statement of the day:  Quoting CNN, (I know, an equally asinine thing to do)  “We are going to clear every drop of oil off the shore,” Tony Hayward, BP’s chief executive,  told reporters […]

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