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Last November I began helping a friend of mine build a website for his organization. When we began there wasn’t money in the organization’s budget for a website but it was needed nonetheless. Back when life was far different, I didn’t mind and he offered an old fashioned form of payment–how about a horse? At […]

Here you go fokes.  I caught it just before it got too big for my lens.  I wish I could have had a little more time to play around with apertures and shutter speeds.   This was shot at 10 seconds, F/10 with an 18 mm lens. Anyone else get a shot?  You can learn more […]

Well, it seems like Gap listened to the Internet. People didn’t like the revised Gap logo from Oct 4. Then they apparently didn’t like crowdsourcing to come up with something “new and improved.” There’s a site up where you can make your own GapCrap style logo. Here’s mine. (There was a limit to 10 characters […]

I’ve had one of the most joyous nights in a while.  Getting ready for the Modern Media Man Summit the past five months has totally consumed my time and focus. Going on the trip to and from Atlanta with Ron Mattocks, helped bring me back to what’s most important, my kids. Tonight I get to […]

My video interviews from and from this morning. Had a great time on talking about M3Summit.  And am hating myself for getting as overweight as I’ve gotten.  Really, really getting after an exercise program when I get back to Dallas.   I felt miserable this morning. And looking at these tapes doesn’t help that.  […]

Whew.  I’m tired.  Got up at 3:53 a.m. EST to get to with Ron Mattocks for a 5 a.m. hit on their air about @M3Summit. It was a good interview.  We talked about the conference, why men and dads blog, and then Brandon wanted to know what the big deal was with Twitter. And […]

I know. It’s been almost a week since my last post.  Maybe even that. I’m in the process for finalizing media, brand and you name it stuff for the Modern Media Man Summit coming up in Atlanta in 13 days. And I’ve been trying to juggle to bring in new business. And I’ve been dealing […]

Just wanted to share this exciting story with you in Tuesday’s Dallas Morning News. This photo was taken by Courtney Perry.  The girls and I have had a great time riding in Chevrolet Traverses over the past few months.  They’re really great cars and if you’ve not been to a Chevrolet dealership in awhile, you […]

UPDATE: We’ve got the car! It’s 9:03 a.m. and the girls and I now have everything packed.  We’re waiting on arrival of our 2010 Chevy Traverse that’s being loaned to us until June 30. As soon as we get the car this morning, we’ll load it up, load a few pics, and get on the […]

Whew, what a busy week.  And an exciting week at that.  I've been helping organize the announcement for Modern Media Man, the first men and dads bloggers conference to be held in Atlanta Sept. 9-11.  This is going to be huge.  And in the blogging world, this changes everything!  The response to sharing information about […]

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