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Zero Dark Thirty Reveals Flavor of the Truth We Will Never Fully Know If you’ve not seen the movie Zero Dark Thirty about the decade-long search for Osama Bid Laden I recommend you see it at least once.  Unlike The Hobbit or Argo, I’m not sure I’ll be going back again.  Though the movies rising […]

I just read a CNN piece about the latest information about what’s going on with the Benghazi Attack investigation and it paints a pretty simple picture–if it’s known, no one is really telling the full story, and after having seen Argo today, we likely never will know the full story. From the Extras tracks in […]

For me, seeing a picture of Osama bin Laden‘s left upper brain quadrant missing isn’t going to do anything for me.  And if he was wrapped in a white sheet and set into the ocean, I don’t think there’s going to be much to watch there either unless his emanating energy like it was a […]

Okay, this is appropriate now. The death of Osama bin Laden. Identified by his wife before Navy Seals shot him in the head. Mission Accomplished.   Related articles Mission Accomplished: Osama bin Laden Dead! ( Bin Laden’s Death: Is It Really “Mission Accomplished”? ( Mission actually accomplished. Obama bags Osama ( Astrology May 2, 2011: […]

The questions have begun. The mansion where Osama Bin Laden has been living was eight times bigger than any other in the neighborhood and no one had a clue about who lived there? Others will draw this better, but the concept is there. How the hell do you miss this?    

I caught the president’s speech last night about the Lybian situation. He seemed quite proud of being able to attack Lybia in 31 days time. America is being supported by our allies in this endeavor and we are turning over control of the operation tomorrow to NATO. But it will be headed by an American […]

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