Today’s Web 2.0 Family faces new issues but in an electronic form; many of them able to leap from the depths Cyberspace right into the bedrooms, living rooms, work rooms and marriages of our daily lives. No, not all things social media are bad.  This digital generation of children and parents face challenges none before have known.  There isn’t a manual yet written for how to face some of the modern issues facing families today–and besides, it’d be in a .pdf readable on one of the various 3,800 different forms of mobile devices if there was.


After reading The BibleGary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It!, Max Lucado’s Fearless, Timothy Ferriss’ The Four-Hour Workweek, Bob Burg and John David Mann’s Go-Giver’s Sell More and John Eldredge’s Wild At Heart there is a new sense of adventure in the heart and soul of DaddyClaxton. But it’s a reasonably structured sense of adventure, all falling under the conditions of the Value Centered Living lifestyle highlighted below.


Each day the news media fills the airwaves world wide of another man or woman, teen or child who has been caught sexting–sending sexually explicit photos of themselves or others across the Net.  The consequences for such activities are boundless and long-term.  Once something’s on the Internet, it’s there to stay.

At we’re greatly concerned about Net Safety and raising awareness about the issue of sexting.  There are a series of blog posts alread in our Categories section that you are welcome to read and quote if helpful.

NET SAFETY–Cyberbullying

The stories come in often, too, about this new form of abuse, bullying online.  Already there have been some headline grabbing suicides caused by this issue.  Teachers, parents and students need to become aware of the signs of this issue before the next child takes their life.


DaddyClaxton does product reviews, particularly for products for men and dads.  He also is an avid reader and will do a book review for you in a timely fashion.  Not all books read will be the subject of an individual blog post.  DaddyClaxton reserves the right to not publish a review for any reason.


Value Centered Living is a principle being developed through a separate Web site from  The premise is doing something positive and something that adds value to the life of someone else, irrespective of how it benefits one’s own.   Through VCL DaddyClaxton promotes attention, appreciation, consistency, empathy and excellence for others.


There is a new line of sports products gaining market strength and it’s called, Virtual Fitness.  DaddyClaxton was one of the first EA SPORTS Active 30-day challengers and lost almost 50 pounds in eight months using this new form of home exercise for the Nintendo Wii.  He’s also used the Personal Trainer Walking for the Nintendo DS.  Both are great products and are topics written about regularly.

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